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The Finnish Blues Society (KBA winner of 2010) which has published the original Blues News magazine since 1968, has also operated The Blue North Records for over 40 years, making it one of the longest-running indie labels in Finland. The company was founded already in 1969 with its debut release, EP "Mississippi Blues", featuring three classic blues sides by Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Charlie Patton. The first LP "Bluesin Juuret (The Roots Of Blues)" was released in 1971, being once again a compilation containing mainly American pre-war blues rarities. Other early FBS/Blue North products included LP "Brotherhood" by Eddie Boyd (1975) and two EP's by the Finnish acts: "They Call Me Baby Boy" (1972) by Pentti "Baby Boy" Varhama and "Mean Old Rider" (1976) by Chicago Overcoat. In the 1980's Blue North label mostly concentrated on introducing more contemporary blues groups from Finland (such as Hojas Blues Band, Fullhouse, Tortilla Flat, Gyan Dookie & Telecaster Combo, Hangovers, Big Town Playboys and Sir Henrik's Hot Shots), releasing a number of EP's between 1980-88 and a compilation LP "Living Finnish Blues" in 1986. The CD production was launched in 1992 with another blues anthology titled "More Living Finnish Blues". During the 2000's Blue North has released so far 6 CD's: compilations "Blues Power!" and "Blues News Is Coming..." plus one album by each artist from Eddie Boyd ("Mello' Hello! - Eddie Boyd In Finland"), Hojas Blues Band ("Live At Myllyblues"), Gyan Dookie & Telecaster Combo ("20 Years After") and most currently, Gary Primich & Friends ("Gary, Indiana"). In addition, Blue North has also collaborated with several other Finnish record labels between 1969-2010, including Love Records, Sävel Records and Bluelight Records. 


Gary Primich
Gary, Indiana 
Katalognummer: BNCD 007
EAN-kod:  6430026750551 Format: CD Album-1


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