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Delta Groove Productions/Eclecto Groove is a labor of love and culmination of a lifelong passion for blues and roots music on the part of celebrated producer and successful entrepreneur Rand Chortkoff. Each Delta Groove project is undertaken with the guiding principle that quality speaks for itself, so the utmost care and attention is given to every detail, from A&R to production to packaging to promotion - but first and foremost, the performances. Delta Groove is all about the music. Without great performers and great performances, nothing else matters. 


Ana Popovic
Katalognummer: EGRCD 513
EAN-kod:  850021001636 Format: CD Album-1

Ana Popovic
Blind For Love 
Katalognummer: EGRCD 507
EAN-kod:  850021001407 Format: CD Album-1

Kara Grainger
Shiver & Sigh 
Katalognummer: EGRCD514
EAN-kod:  850021001780 Format: CD Album-1

Mike Zito
Katalognummer: EGRCD 512
EAN-kod:  850021001629 Format: CD Album-1

Mike Zito
Pearl River 
Katalognummer: EGRCD 508
EAN-kod:  850021001421 Format: CD Album-1

Nick Curran&The Lowlifes
Reform School Girl 
Katalognummer: EGRCD 509
EAN-kod:  850021001452 Format: CD Album-1

Shane Dwight
This House 
Katalognummer: EGRCD515
EAN-kod:  850021001827 Format: CD Album-1


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