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Great Rockbilly - Just About As Good As It Gets! Volume 3

  Många har fått glädja sig både åt Vol. 1 och Vol. 2 i denna serie och med Vol. 3 blir det vågen igen! Ytterligare hela 70 inspelningar från en tidig dera, som var med och skapade grunden för dagens rock-musik. Stora artistnamn som Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Billy Lee Riley, Johnny Burnette, med många fler, är med. 
  EAN-kod: 8717278721705 
  Label: Smith & Co 
  Format: CD Album-2


Nr Låtar Artist Lyssna
Boppin' High School Baby  Don Willis
Honey Hush  Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'n Roll Trio
Believe What You Say  Ricky Nelson
My Boy Elvis  Janis Martin MP3
Blue Jean Bop  Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps
Good Rockin' Tonight  Elvis Presley, Scotty&Bill
Huh Babe  Luke McDaniel
Blue Days, Black Nights  Buddy Holly
Everybody's Moving  Glen Glenn
10  Bop A Lena  Ronnie Self
11  Rock Your Baby  Wanda Jackson
12  Red Hot  Billy Lee Riley
13  Gone Gone Gone  Carl Perkins MP3
14  You Gotta Have A Ducktail  Billy Adams
15  The Worrying Kind  Tommy Sands&The Sharks
16  All Night Long  Bob Luman
17  Leroy  Jack Scott
18  Ah Poor Little Baby  Billy "Crash" Craddock
19  Flip Out  Billy Brown
20  Cradle Baby  Eddie Cochran
21  That's The Way I Feel  Jimmy Pritchett
22  Rock Roll Jump Live  Curtis Gordon
23  Crazy Little Guitar Man  Red Foley
24  I'm Stuck  Jerry Reed
25  You The Mostest Girl  Bobby Lee Trammel
26  Judy  Rudy Grayzell
27  You're There  Skeets McDonald
28  I Done Told You  Gene Simmons
29  I've Changed My Wild Mind  Johnny T. Talley
30  Rock It On Down To My House  Justin Tubb
31  Blue Train  Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Trio
32  (I Think) I'm Falling In Love  Dub Dickerson
33  Oh My Baby's Gone  Ray Sharpe
34  Willa Mae  Al Casey
35  She's Mine  Johnny Strickland
36  Rockin' By Myself  Sammy Gowans
37  Down On The Farm  Big "Al" Downing
38  Eenie Meenie Minie Mo  Hoyt Johnson&The Four Recorders
39  You're The One That Done It  Thomas Wayne
40  Hep Cat Baby  Gene Criss
41  My Bucket's Got A Hole In It  Ricky Nelson
42  Carry On  Jimmy C. Newman
43  I Can't Find The Doorknob  Jimmy&Johnny
44  Crazy Legs  Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps
45  Warrior Sam  Don Willis
46  All Mama's Children  Carl Perkins
47  Love Me  Buddy Holly
48  Eager Beaver Baby  Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'n Roll Trio
49  Honey Bop  Wanda Jackson MP3
50  Meet Me In The Alley Sally  Billy Brown
51  Hey Baby  Bill Lawrence
52  Hoy Hoy  Collins Kids
53  Treat Me Right  Kenny Parchman
54  Gonnas Shake This Schack Tonight  Sid King & The Five Strings
55  Rockin' In The Congo  Hank Thompson&His Brazos Valley Boys
56  You Gotta Pay  Benny Barnes&The Echoes
57  Johnny Valentine  Andy Anderson&The Rolling Stones
58  Half Hearted Love  Mac Curtis
59  Drinkin' Wine  Gene Simmons
60  Didi Didi  Johnny Garner
61  Red Cadillac&Black Moustache  Bob Luman
62  Mean When I'm Mad  Eddie Cochran
63  You're Gone Baby  Jimmy Lloyd
64  Would Ja  Glen Glenn
65  You're A Heartbreaker  Elvis Presley, Scotty&Bill MP3
66  Too Much Alike  Charlie Feathers & The Musical Warriors
67  I Want You Baby  Billy Lee Riley
68  Buddy  Jackie Dee
69  Only Teenagers Allowed  Jackie Walker
70  Big River  Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Trio


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